consulting services

David has served in a variety of consulting roles over the past twenty years. Some of his typical consulting engagements include the following roles:

E-learning Course/Product Evaluation: David reviews an existing course or e-learning product with the goal of improving it. His deliverables include a detailed evaluation of the product with recommendations for both short-term and long-term improvements.

E-learning Strategic Consulting: David brings his experience to bear to aid a client in the development or refinement of their e-learning strategy. David's wide-ranging expertise in online learning, from the practical perspective and with a basis in academic research, allows him to devise e-learning strategies that are efficient and effective.

Project Concepting and Design: David generally begins by understanding the audience, goals, and content, and recommends an approach that is effective and provides an engaging experience for the user. His deliverables typically include, depending on the specific role he is asked to play, some or all of the following: a product concept document, sample screen wireframes, storyboards, and a detailed design document.

Usability Review and Testing: David reviews a product himself and designs a test plan for testing with actual end-user representatives, in order to ensure that a product is "usable" in all senses--meaning that it's effective, easy to use, and enjoyable for the learner. His deliverables include a usability testing plan and a series of recommendations for changes.

Seminars and Talks: David is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences and provides seminars and talks to specific clients as well. Among David's most popular current sessions are his e-learning "user experience" seminar, his interface design workshop, and his demonstration-based session on simulation-based learning.