past projects

David has spent the past twenty years helping companies improve their employees' job performance and providing online education to a variety of audiences, through both his consulting work and his e-learning methodologies. A history of many of the e-learning products he has designed is featured on the Kaleidoscope Learning site here.

David's consulting work has ranged from high-level strategic consulting to advice and analysis work. His clients over the years, for design and/or consulting work, have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to non-profit organizations. They have included companies such as Target Corporation, IBM, Cemex, Anixter Corporation, the National Apartment Association, Boston Market, Bennigan's Restaurants, Fidelity, Time Warner, and many others.

Past Consulting Engagements

Some of David's past consulting work is described below:

Client: MedAvante, a leader in the certification of mental-health evaluations.
Project: Analysis of an Existing E-Learning Course
Description: MedAvante had created a pilot e-learning course with the assistance of an outside vendor, and had concerns about the effectiveness and usability of the course. With only a small budget available for this project and no real end-users available for formal or informal testing, David was asked to evaluate the course and provide recommendations for improvement. He provided a set of short-term, inexpensive, fast "quick fixes" to improve the course, along with a longer-term redesign plan for the future.
Client: Target Stores, a U.S. retailer with over 1700 stores.
Project: Designing a Corporate E-learning Strategy
Description: Target Stores first approached David in the early days of its corporate intranet, in 1998, having worked with him previously on several successful CD-ROM training projects. David was asked to create an e-learning strategic plan that would improve the job performance of several key employee groups within the stores themselves. David's plan involved scenario-based training, just-in-time performance support, and an authoring plan for the headquarters trainers. The strategy has been a huge success: it has saved Target over $150 million (and still counting), it won an Editor's Choice award from Training magazine, and it was expanded to cover other areas of Target Corporation.
Client: A large, multinational consulting firm.
Project: High-level and Detailed Course Design
Description: This consulting firm had created a series of courses for its multinational clients. Their courses followed an instructor-led model similar to a typical university distance learning course, and the consulting firm realized that there must be a better approach. David designed a blended course that featured an immersive online scenario while also incorporating, as requested, group collaboration and instructor feedback.
Client: A large online university based in the U.S.
Project: Authoring Tool Design
Description: This online university needed a way for its faculty members to create online problem sets in areas including mathematics and accounting, and the university decided they wanted an easy-to-use, custom-designed authoring tool to enable this. David was asked specifically to design the authoring interface for this tool, taking advantage of his expertise in software usability as well as learning design.