david's bio

David Guralnick holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Northwestern University, where his work synthesized concepts from the fields of computer science, instructional design, and cognitive psychology. Over the course of his thirty years in e-learning, he has designed and developed simulation-based training applications, electronic performance-support systems, and specialized authoring tools which allow non-technical people, such as writers and trainers, to build e-learning sites.

Among Dr. Guralnick's most notable achievements are the creation of the first learn-by-doing simulation for corporate training purposes, the first authoring tool specific to e-learning and the first Web-based LCMS intended for trainers and subject matter experts. He has been the recipient of over 100 e-learning design awards, and his work has been featured in Wired magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Training magazine (as an Editor's Choice). He has been a regular speaker at both industry and academic events since 1991.

The cornerstone of Dr. Guralnick's design philosophy is the concept of goal-driven design--using the information and the needs of the end-users, rather than the technology, to lead the design process. Dr. Guralnick's philosophy has resulted in unprecedented savings for his clients, including one instance in which a major retail chain saved over $250 million due to improved job performance by the chain's employees.